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Full-time Job Without Pay June 30, 2006

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Attended a training session today. Majority of the trainees are moonlighting as part-time property agents, while holding on to their current jobs.

For one of the exercises, the trainer requested trainees to fill in their current jobs’ salaries. So she asked, “Who doesn’t hold a job?”.
I’m one of them to raise my hand too quickly. Then she continued, “So you are all full-time agents.” Referring to those who raised their hands.

But, but I’m not a full-time agent. I’m a full-time home-maker, taking care of my sweeties, without any pay or credits.

Very often, the contributions of home-makers towards the society are not recognised. It is really tough to juggle and balance family, work and personal life. Therefore, I think working mothers are super-women; and for those who TRUTHFULLY claimed that they could achieve and balance all these, I SALUTE you.

Well, I think I should NOT have raised my hand in the first place … …


Drawing – A Girl June 7, 2006

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A Girl
by Georgia, 3.4yrs old