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Cervical Cancer Month May 19, 2006

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  • Do u know that cervical cancer is the 5th most common cancer in Singapore women?
  • Do u know that cervical cancer may be prevented?
  • Do u know pre-cancer and early cancer of the cervix can be detected by Pap Smear?
  • To learn more about cervical cancer, attend this FREE public forum organised by Singapore Cancer Society

    • 20 May 2006, Saturday, 1pm – 5pm
    • Sheraton Towers Singapore, Grand Ballroom, L2
    • For registration, call 6421 5838

Chicken-man? May 17, 2006

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Batman, Superman, Ali-Baba, Chicken-man … …

Now repeat the above with actions:
Batman: Make an OK sign, and place them over your eyes
Superman: Right hand above head & left hand at waistline … ie fly like a superman
Ali-Baba: Hands above head, wriggle the fingers as the hands move down. Shake your bum bum at the same time.
Chicken-man: Flap arms like chicken wings

Now do it at a faster pace, and teach your kids 🙂

This was what I learned from my 6-yr-old, who insisted that there is Chicken-man …